The YAMMY Awards celebrate excellence across all aspects of the YAMFAM community, ensuring every member's contribution and talent is cherished within our culture while fostering well-being

Time: Sunday, June 2nd, 7pm EST
Location: Club Ley Lines
Aether, Jenova, Shirogane, W3, P7

Formidable Raider

This champion exudes greatness in any fight, has an unwavering desire to crush the most difficult content, and looks great and shiny gear.

Savage PvPer

A master tactician and an expert when it comes to total domination, this champion commands the battlefield and takes charge!

Master of Gpose

This Warrior of Light excels with a camera in their hand. They capture the absolute beauty of Eorzea's citizens and are a master behind the camera lens.

Spiderman of Eorzea

MASTER at jumping puzzles. They are agile, dexterous, and can scale all of Eorzea's structures with the utmost of ease. Next time your cat gets stuck in a tree, be sure to call this Warrior of Light to the rescue.

Party Yaminal

This Warrior of Light LOVES to party! Whether it's in the early hours of the morning, or late at night, this person embodies the spirit of what it means to spread feel good energy on the dance floor.

Fashion Icon

Whether it's a holiday or casual Friday, this champion of style knows how to make any glam look great! They know what's in fashion look YAMAZING all the time!

Super Host

Hospitality is key for this champion. They always welcome you to their humble abode, where it be a nightclub, a tavern , or a backyard BBQ, they always make you feel at home.

Best Videomaker

Lights, camera, action! This champion weaves together stories through the art of film and creates memories that stand the test of time to be watched over and over again.

Master of Interior Design

Pray tell, how feng shui! This person knows the art of turning a house into a HOME. Their interior designing skills showcase their prowess in creating magnificent spaces for all of Eozea to enjoy.

Legendary Collectionner

Whether it's Triple Triad Cards or Mounts, this person LOVES to build their collection of fine memorabilia. While most are saving the world, this person is working towards that 100% completion goal. No stone is left unturned on this champion's journey.

Most Active Chatter

Pray tell, where my chatterboxes at? This person loves to talk and engages with djayYAMS' chat all the time. You can always count on them to join in on the conversation, and the fun in stream!


This person practices the Power of Positivity day in and day out. They are the absolute best, both in stream and in-game. Whether it's always helping out in a dungeon, quick with a rez on the battlefield, always willing to help with raid food, or just a wonderful soul to chat with, this member of the YAMFAM is a shining star in our community and a leader.

Live Stream

djayYAMS, the organizer and host of YAMMY's Awards invites you to join the Live Stream on his Twitch channel.